If you’re looking to sell your home, then you no doubts want to get the highest sale price you possibly can. Well, adding value to your home isn’t something that needs to be overly expensive.

In fact, there’s plenty of things you can do that would suit any sort of budget. So, if you’re in need of some inspiration, here are 5 great way to quickly add value to your home.

1. Renovate your outdoor space

Whenever somebody comes to view your home, they will immediately get an impression of it before they even step through the door. This is due to the outside of your home and whether it gives off any curb appeal. At the very minimum, you can tidy up the area outside the front of your home by cutting any grass, trimming any hedges and hosing the driveway down.

The same goes for the rear of your home. A garden area is a major selling point for any property, so if you are lucky to have one, you should make sure it is as impressive as possible. Again, you can cut the lawn, prune any bushes and tidy up any outdoor furniture or kid’s toys.

If your budget allows for it, you can even look into getting a new patio area and painting the outside of the building. This might sound expensive at first, but any money you spend on this work could easily be doubled when you come to agreeing on a final sale price.

2. Redecorate tired rooms

Now that you know to tidy up outside your house, it’s time to do the same inside. Go through your home and decide on which rooms haven’t been updated in years and look a bit old-fashioned and worn.

You can then go ahead and invest a bit of money into making them more desirable to a buyer. For example, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and replacing old light fitting with eco-friendly ones can make it feel much more modern and appealing.

The kitchen, in particular, is a good room to focus on. You don’t have to replace all of your large appliances, but tiling the floor and fitting some new cabinet doors and worktops will quickly give it a brand new feel.

3. Convert your loft into a bedroom

Loft conversions have become incredibly popular in recent years as house prices have gone up and family sizes have got bigger. Buying a house with 2 bedrooms and a loft conversion is often cheaper than purchasing a standard 3 bedroom house.

This means it has the dual benefit of giving the new homeowner some much-needed and affordable living space, whilst leaving you with more money after the sale. With so many building firms offering loft conversions, you shouldn’t need to pay above the odds.

Better yet, because loft conversions are typically classed as permitted developments, you usually won’t need to seek planning permission. If this is the case for your home, then you can save loads of time and money by not having to get approval from the local authority.

4. Simply apply for planning permission

Whilst on the subject of planning permission, you may want to go ahead and look at ways that your house could be extended. Then, you can simply apply for the necessary permission.

If approved, then this planning permission could add upwards of 10% on the value of the property, all depending on what is authorised. It means you don’t have to shell out thousands on an extension, but the new buyer has a guarantee that they can get approval.

This then also adds up a whole new market of buyers as well. With planning permission, your home becomes a worthwhile investment opportunity for property developers looking to turn a quick profit.

5. Give it a deep clean before showcasing is a fast way to add value to your home

Perhaps the simplest and most affordable ways to add extra value to your home is to give it a thorough deep clean. Tidying it from top to bottom and making every room glean can add up to 5% onto the final sale price.

This is because the prospective buyers get to see the finished look of your home and can visualise themselves moving in there and then. If there is mess all over the place and hair on the carpets, then the buyers will spend their time looking at the work that needs doing, rather than what has already been done.

Performing a full clean before people look around your home just requires a bit of elbow grease from yourselves. Alternatively, you can hire a cleaning company, like Eazi-Clean, to go ahead and do it for you. If you’re interested in this, you can get in contact for a quick quote today.

Adding value to your home

Finding ways to add value to your home means looking at your property as it stands, whilst putting yourself in the position of a prospective buyer. Pretend you are looking at the house for the first time and be honest in what you would think about it.

If the outside looks a bit worn, then give it a new coat of paint; if the carpets are stained and dirty, then replace then; or if it feels cramped, then consider extending somehow.

You can use the 5 ideas above as inspiration, and then think if any of those can be applied to your home. Then, when it comes to selling, you can make sure you get the highest sale price possible.