What is the best way to remove red wine stains from carpet?

One of our best home care tips. As with most stains, it’s best to blot the stain to remove the wine that hasn’t been absorbed yet. Use paper towels or a clean cloth. In a bowl, pour 2 cups of warm water. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Dip the cloth or sponge into the bowl and begin applying the mixture onto the stain, blotting until it is lifted.

How do I remove my childs doodles from our walls?
The best thing to do in this case is to lightly rub walls with a damp sponge and a little baking soda, the results will vary depending on what your little angels have used to scribble on your walls.
How do I clear a slow running drain in my kitchen sink?
When you drain is clogged and not draining water fast enough, firstly check for any debris within the sink and remove. Now pour 1/2 a cup of baking soda down it followed by 1. a cup of vinegar, Cover with a wet cloth to contain the bubbles and then wait ten minutes before flushing.
How do I remove the stains from my chopping board?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You just need to run the cut side of a half lemon over the board and this will remove both stains and smells, if you want it extra zingy use a little baking soda also.
What is the best way to clean my windows?
A natural window cleaning product can be made by using equal parts distilled vinegar and water.  When cleaning your windows, try wiping one side of the glass horizontally and the other side vertically, so when you are polishing out any streaks, it’s easy to see which side they are on.
What is the best way to remove pet hair from my upholstery
Home care tips for pet owners. Use a damp cloth or a rubber glove will remove most pet hair from furniture. You can then spritz your furniture with a deodorising product such as Febreze.
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