Are you looking to give your house a thorough Spring clean but don’t know where to start? Well, this is hardly surprising as cleaning an entire home requires a lot of work and can be an incredibly daunting task. Luckily for you, we have broken things down into an easy Spring cleaning guide, complete with added tips to help you get the job done faster.

Tackling each room

The best approach to your Spring Clean is to tackle each room in your house one-by-one, and here’s a rundown of what to do in each.


– Strip all bedding and replace with fresh linen
– Get any throws or blankets dry cleaned
– Clean all mattresses and flip them
– Remove any ornaments and clean them
– Dust down all surfaces
– Open windows throughout the house to air out the bedrooms
– Take down the blinds and curtains and dry clean them
– Polish any mirrors and the inside of all windows
– Finally, vacuum or polish the floor


– Empty your bins and clean out any muck
– Clean all hobs using special cleaning products
– Properly descale the kettle
– Clean the inside of your microwave
– Empty, defrost and clean the fridge and freezer
– Empty out cupboards and clean all the surfaces
– Give the dishwasher a clean and check the filters
– Thoroughly clean your oven and stove both inside and out
– Remove and hob rings and leave them to soak
– Finally, wash the floor


– Empty, clean and organise your cupboards
– Flush out and clean the U-bends and drain
– Descale all taps and other bathroom fittings
– Thoroughly clean the toilet
– Sanitise your old toilet brush or buy a new one
– Wash your bath mats
– Scrub your shower and bath from top to bottom
– Empty and sanitise your bins
– Scrub and descale the shower head
– Was old bath toys and sterilise if necessary
– Get rid off old make-up and other toiletries
– Clean out your grouting and repair any damage
– Once done, clean the floor

Living Spaces

– Empty shelves and dust them
– Polish any ornaments items before replacing
– Dust and clean all mirrors, paintings and windows
– Give all wooden furniture a polish
– Vacuum and clean your rugs and carpets
– Remove all large furniture and properly vacuum behind and beneath
– Vacuum all of the spaces and cavities inside of your sofas
– Dust all light fittings and ceiling fans on top and below
– Check all walls and ceilings for small marks or patches that need a little paint
– Give all painted wood a thorough wipe down
– Take down your blinds and curtains and get them dry cleaned
– Lastly, polish any wooden floors

Top tips to help you with your Spring clean

Now that you know where to start, here are some added tips to help speed up the process and help you perform a more thorough clean.

– Consider making a checklist, and deadlines of when you’ll get each room done by
– Use rubber gloves to help get up all the pet hair
– Use white vinegar to break down limescale anywhere in your bathroom
– When cleaning your oven, first cover it in bicarbonate of soda and leave it overnight
– Use the dishwasher to speed up the cleaning process, including putting the children’s toys in there
– Actively think about what you can donate or get rid off in every single room
– Soak your bed sheets in white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to help bring them back to life

The quickest way to Spring clean your home this year

Let’s face it, Spring cleaning your home is hardly a welcoming task. Especially if you have a large family home with more than one bedroom and pets all over the place. Well, luckily for you, there is a solution. Here at Eazi-Clean, we offer a thorough and professional Spring cleaning service that will help leave your home sparkling and fresh. We are experienced with Spring cleaning houses of all sizes and are always looking to help more homeowners to take some much needed time off. Find out more by contacting our friendly team today.

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