What is an end of tenancy cleaning service?

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An end of tenancy cleaning service is something you can choose to get either when you are moving into a property or when you are moving out of one. If you are renting from a landlord, then at the start of the tenancy it should have been made aptly clear that you need to return the property in the same condition you received it in. By hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, you put yourself in the best possible position to receive all of your deposit back.

What does an end of tenancy cleaning service cover?

The purpose of an end of tenancy cleaning service is to return the property to the exact same high-quality level of cleanliness from when you moved in. It will cover such things as;


– Degreasing and cleaning all wall tiles and floors
– Descaling and polishing shower
– Polishing mirrors
– Removing all rubbish
– Removing grime and limescale from all taps and plugs
– etc …


– Cleaning exterior of all appliances owned by landlord
– Cleaning oven to the highest standard
– Removing all limescale and dirt from sink, taps, walls and floor
– Cleaning and sanitizing fridge and freezer
– Deep cleaning inside all cupboards and drawers
– etc …


– Cleaning and dusting all furniture
–  Deep Vacuuming floors (we do not currently offer specilist carpet cleaning)
– Cleaning windows
– Skirting boards dusted and cleaned
– Mattresses lifted and flipped if applicable
– etc …

Other rooms

– All floors will be vacuumed and cleaned to the highest standard possible
– All windows cleaned inside (and, for an extra charge, outside)
– All light furniture moved and dusted properly
– All appliances dusted and polished
– All doors, including top, cleaned

Benefits of getting an end of tenancy cleaning service

There are a number of benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service rather than performing one yourself.

1. Ensure you get deposit back

Whenever you leave a rented property, you want to ensure that you get back all, if not as much as possible, of your deposit. A thorough and professional end of tenancy cleaning service puts you in the best possible position to get your deposit back and remove the ability of your landlord to make deductions. We would always recommend only using landlords that use registered deposit services, these can be view here.

2. Save you a lot of time

A thorough deep clean of your property takes a lot of time, even days, especially if you are inexperienced in performing one. This is time you can better spend on other things. On the other hand, a team of trained professionals can have your property cleaned and ready in a matter of hours.

3. Remove much of the stress from the moving process

The process of moving from one property to another is incredibly stressful, and having to clean an entire property is only going to add to that stress. By hiring professionals, you can focus on getting your new property ready rather than worrying about the old one.

4. A beautiful new home (If you are moving in)

Sometimes, when moving into a new property, you find that it wasn’t left in the best state, and the landlord perhaps didn’t do as good a job of cleaning it as you’d have liked. Rather than squabbling with the landlord, it is often best to hire some cleaners to get the property all nice for you and your family to move into.

How to get a quote

Here at Eazi-Clean, we have a team of fully-trained, professional cleaners who are always looking for new properties to tackle. This means that, if you’re looking to move out anytime soon or have a new home to move into, then you can contact us for a quote. We cover Durham, Washington, Houghton-Le-Spring, Sunderland and some parts of Newcastle.  We and offer an end of tenancy cleaning service for flats and houses of all sizes.