6 overwhelming reasons why it’s finally time for you to hire a cleaner

Hire a cleaner? Here’s a very straightforward question, who actually looks forward to cleaning their home?

If you’re being honest with yourself, then it’s almost certain that this answer doesn’t include you. In many cases, it has been drilled into us from a very young age that cleaning is a natural part of life, and though it makes us miserable, we just have to do it regardless.

Well, if you’ve been brought up like this and you’re now fed up with your wife or husband constantly nagging you about vacuuming the floors or dusting the shelves, or god forbid, cleaning the toilet, then here are six reasons why it’s finally time to put down the mop and get some professional help.

You’re not very good at it

In all seriousness, some people just aren’t cut out for cleaning and don’t have the patience or skill to get the house looking just right. Instead, a cleaner would be extremely experienced and can finish off the house to a much higher standard than you would yourself.

You don’t have enough spare time

Whether you have long days at work and a lengthy commute, or perhaps you have a busy family life and find little time to yourself, either way, hiring a cleaner is the perfect way to free up a few extra hours a week that you can spend on some alone time. Be that going to the gym, watching a movie or taking the dog out for a few extra walks a week.

You’ve got a new member of the family on the way

If your family is about to grow as you have a baby on the way, then first of all, congratulations! Second, of all the increased stress and sleepless nights that come with having a new baby could mean that it’s the right time to get a cleaner in. Even just for a few months while you adjust, a cleaner could prove invaluable for cleaning up the extra mess that is inevitably going to come.

Someone in the house isn’t well

Hopefully, this is not the case, but if for any reason there is now someone living in your home who is suffering from an illness or disability, then a cleaner would be both practical and safe. It would free up more time for you to focus on your loved one’s well-being, as well as giving you peace of mind that they are in a clean and safe environment.

You’ve realised your time is too valuable

It’s amazing how many people fail to give themselves credit and realise that their time is incredibly valuable. Say you work 50 hours a week as a web developer for a top firm, and you’ve always wanted to go it alone and make more for yourself, then instead of spending your weekends fussing about the house, take those hours and put them towards something productive. Instead, let someone else worry about how much more you can get the kitchen sink to sparkle.

You don’t want to do it

Wait, what? Surely this isn’t a valid reason? Well, yes it is! At the end of the day, you are an adult and gone are the days of mummy and daddy telling you to clean your room and make your bed. Some people just aren’t cut out for cleaning, and if you can afford it and know it will bring you much greater happiness, then just go for it.

OK fine, it’s time to hire a cleaner, what now?

This is where Eazi Clean comes in. With a specialist and experienced team of cleaners who work throughout Birmingham and Solihull, we service and maintain plenty of homes to an incredibly high standard. No more will you need to worry about vacuuming, sweeping, dusting or mopping. So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, and want to find out more about how we can help, just get in contact with us today. Ring 0121 604 9312 or send us a message on our Book A Cleaner page.